All About Leasing Trucks

What is included in the fully maintained operating lease:

  • Purchasing and pre-delivery preparation of the vehicle including optional painting / signage and equipment.
  • Full repair and maintenance
  • Routine preventive and scheduled maintenance
  • Additional repairs required to maintain your equipment in good working order
  • Administration, including the provision of vehicle service records for your purposes.
  • Registration & COF – initial and ongoing during the term of the contract
  • Statutory certification [e.g. yearly crane certification] that may be required
  • Vehicle disposal at end of lease

License requirements to operate a truck
2 – 3 Ton Truck – current full Class 1 (Standard Car)
4 – 7 Ton Truck – current full Class 2 (Medium Rigid)
10 Ton Truck – current full Class 4 (Heavy Rigid)
If you are unsure which class of licence you have check here for detailed instructions on how to find out about Driver License Classes

Transport Service License
Whether you’re an individual or a company, you must hold the appropriate transport service licence if you’re operating a particular type of service.
Click HERE for further specific details.

Insurance Requirements
The vehicle must be ensured by the lessee for the Market value of the vehicle throughout the lease with NHR Group noted as the loss payee.

What Happens at the End of the Lease
We can renegotiate another lease period with the existing vehicle or something new. If you choose to return the vehicle you simply need to:

  • Arrange a vehicle inspection by NHR Group approximately 1 month prior to the vehicle return.
  • If any repairs or replacement are required, you will need to arrange for this work to be completed or alternatively we can do this for you.
  • The vehicle needs to be returned to NHG Group or an affiliated business as agreed in the lease.
  • On return of the vehicle ensure all ancillary equipment, log books, instruction / service manuals, documents or papers relating to the vehicle are returned also.