Tailored truck leasing solutions for your business

Our business is to help your business thrive by delivering customised truck leasing solutions that meet your specific transport requirements. We are experts in all aspects of the industry and will make sure you get a vehicle that meets your needs at a great lease rate.

Why lease from NHR Group?

  • Free Up Capital and Conserve Bank Funding – bank credit and working capital should be used to support the cash flows and growth of your business rather than locked up in depreciating assets.
  • Cash Flow Control – fixed monthly payments paid in advance allow accurate budgeting of fleet running costs including vehicle servicing, maintenance and depreciation. The future risks of unplanned maintenance and fluctuations to the vehicle value removed.
  • Fleet Management Expertise – Our qualified service team ensure your fleet is constantly run at optimum levels and at a cost that reflects the experience and economies of scale arising from the management of a fleet of over 350 vehicles. We will ensure your fleet is in sound operating condition and all the correct compliance certificates are obtained and current. This provides a safe working environment for your employees and customers.

Contact us to find out if leasing is right for your business