Providing the right information is all part of the service

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about what licence you’ll need to drive our trucks, insurance and much more.

Where is O’Neill Rentals based?

We are a Christchurch owned company and are located in the industrial heart of Sockburn in Christchurch. We only have the one location so all vehicles need to be picked up from, and delivered back to Christchurch.

If you are flying into or out of Christchurch, we’d gladly help you get to/from the airport. We do ask for a $25 pick up and/or drop off fee to cover some of our costs – a taxi to/from our depot is around $35-$40.

What’s included / excluded in your rates?

Our rates include GST (New Zealand Goods and Services Tax), vehicle insurance, servicing, Road User Charges (applies to diesel vehicles), preventative maintenance and regular tyre wear. The rates exclude damages due to operator error or neglect. We also supply all our vehicles full of fuel and they are to be returned full of fuel – YES there is a surcharge if we have to refill the vehicle, we’d rather not have to charge you for this and it genuinely makes it so much easier to use one of the service stations on the way back to our depot.

What does the insurance cover?

Our rental rates include full vehicle insurance cover excluding full windscreen replacement, we do cover windscreen chips however. There is insurance excess of $3,000 per claim on all hires and the moment you sign the hire agreement, you are covered. The insurance DOES NOT cover your contents whilst in/on the vehicles – you will need to arrange your own cover for this.

Can I waive O’Neill’s insurance and provide my own?

For our casual hires, we respectively don’t allow this to happen. For our commercial and corporate clients, we appreciate that you will most likely have rental vehicle cover in your standing policy and all we need is a copy of your policy to place this in your care. We are more than happy to hold this on file so that it doesn’t need to be produced on your regular hiring needs.

What type of driver’s licence do I need?

As long as you have the appropriate FULL license and you are over 21 years of age, you can drive the vehicle of your needs, for under 25 years old, you will have to take the higher excess option. For all our cars, utes, vans and minibuses – these are standard Class 1 licenses.

We do have some trucks in our fleet that can be driven on Class 1 licences and the other larger trucks in our fleet would need a Class 2 license, and some a Class 4 licence.

Do you charge for additional drivers?
Absolutely not. We encourage you to share the driving – all we ask for is license copies of those drivers who will be driving.

What do you provide in your vehicles to help me move house?

For those moving house, we have available for hire:

  • Furniture blankets
  • Webbing straps for securing furniture
  • Sack barrow for help moving those larger items

Some of our trucks are fitted with a rear hydraulic tail lift to make lifting those heavy items very easy. We also have other items available for hire that may be useful for your move including piano trolleys, large ratchet tie downs, etc.

How many seats are in your minibuses?

We have both 10-seat and 12-seat minibuses. These include a seat for the driver. If you have less people travelling but require extra luggage space, we can remove seats in some of our vehicles to provide some extra space.

Please specify when booking if you require a specific number of shoulder belts, as some vehicles are fitted with lap belts.

Do you offer general fundraising quotes?

It’s our pleasure to assist organisations seek those extra dollars to make a project work. We have a wide experience in this area and can even offer some pointers to help your application.

Do you offer WINZ quotes?

Yes, we have a standard approved quotation letter that we can supply to help your funding application.

What about payment?

Apart from our regular commercial clients, we respectively require all hires to be paid for in advance either at booking time or on the day you pick the vehicle up. The deposit required is a $500 bond on top of the estimated cost of the hire

With respect to payment, we are more than happy to accept most standard means of payment – we do require a $500 bond (incl GST) for hires and it may be that the credit card is the easiest way to pay. With the credit card, we preauthourise the estimated amount of hire + bond on the credit card but do not process any funds until the vehicle is dehired meaning that you only have a completed transaction on your credit card statement – Essentially lowers the limit of your credit card for the duration of your hire. Pre-authorisations can take up to 72 hours to be released by your bank.

If you wish to pay by cash, a $1,500 bond would apply.

What happens if I need to cancel my hire?

All we ask for is you notify us as soon as possible if your circumstances change and you no longer need a vehicle. If a client cancels on the day of the hire or is a ‘no-show’ we don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect the hire costs to be honored given that it is highly likely we have turned other customers away.

What happens if I breakdown?

Very simple – all you have to do is ring us and we will coordinate any problems with our great service providers. We need to know what has happened and can make sure you are safe and have the vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

Exact sized vehicles / specifications / requirements?

We have a wide range of vehicles on the fleet and they’re sometimes not exactly the same size even when in the same category or slightly different than explained/advertised on our website or available at any given time. If you have any exact dimensions or specifications required, please contact us via email or phone so we can discuss what we have available for the time you require and confirm 100% you’re getting exactly what you need.